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Advertising Rates
Internet Profit Warriors Newsletter Your Enlightened Pathway into the 21st Century.
November 2005

Dear Kim,

Important Notice: The Internet Profit Warriors strive to be FTC compliant when we are publishing advertisements. We will not accept advertisements that make false claims that cannot be proven. If you make a high income claim we will ask for proof before publishing the advertisement.

This Issue Contains:
  • Top Sponsor Ads
  • Middle Sponsor Ad:
  • Feature Ads:

  • Top Sponsor Ads

    Top Sponsor Ads:

    Your advertisement will be placed at the top of the ezine directly below the header. Top sponsr ads contain a maximum of 12 lines which includes the URL.
    Price: $50.00

    Middle Sponsor Ad:

    Middle Sponsor Ads: Your advertisement will be placed in the middle of the ezine, below the Recommended Resources. Middle Sponsor ads contain a maximum of 9 lines which includes the URL.
    Price: $ 20.00

    Feature Ads:

    Your 20 line feature advertisement will be published straight after the "This Issue Contains:" section.
    Price: $ 20.00


    Details for sending your ads are shown after you have made your purchase. All ads should be formatted to a maximum of 65 characters per line. Do not forget to include your subject line. Thank you.

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